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United Pallet Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services including: Pallet Design & Consultation, Unit Load & Pallet Structural Analysis, Total Pallet Management, Pallet Repair, Professional Dedicated Deliver, and Export/Heat-Treating Services.

The Pallet Design System™ (PDS)

Pallet Design and Consultation Services

Our professional sales team is here to help!  We can provide a free pallet consultation on your current pallet as well as your Unit Load. We will then design a pallet that meets your shipping, handling, and storage conditions. This takes the guesswork out of pallet design and will save you time and money by lessening or even eliminating design-and-review delays that can be brought on by the “trial and error” design methods. This service enables us to offer you solutions to meet your exact operational needs at the best possible price.

Unit Load & Pallet Structural Analysis using the Pallet Design System® (PDS) Software

United Pallet Services is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art Pallet Design System® (PDS) Software that is licensed from the NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association). The software leads users through the complete specification of the pallet type, size, and style, from dimensions and arrangement of all components to all the materials used to construct the pallet. This includes wood species, recycled components, types and sizes of nails and staples that are required in any pallet design. PDS then creates a pallet specification sheet, fully-dimensioned 2-D drawings with Top, Bottom, Side, and End Views, and 3-D drawings. The software also provides a complete structural capabilities analysis. For more information, click on the video to the left.

Pallet Management Services

Total Pallet / Pallet Management Services

United Pallet Services offers several types of complete pallet management services that involve taking care of all aspects of the customer’s reusable packaging and pallet maintenance program. This type of service reduces costs for the customer and improves efficiencies. This includes sorting pallets onsite with a dedicated UPSI team at the customer’s facility, or off-site at UPSI’s facility, to reuse or remove pallets based on the storage and handling needs of the customer.  The program is designed so that only “in-spec” pallets are reintroduced into the customer’s facility all the while providing complete reporting to management.  All damaged pallets are either repaired or recycled and all pooled pallets are removed and returned.  

Pallet Repair

We offer several complete pallet repair programs that keep your pallets in solid, working condition. Our computerized record keeping means no unanswered questions. You’ll know what happened to each and every pallet we repair. We keep track of all of your pallet activity and can provide monthly, weekly or even daily pallet repair reports.

The Pallet Design System™ (PDS)

Professional Dedicated Delivery

Our in-house fleet of 10 trucks and 80+ trailers (flats and enclosed vans) combined with our full-time, professional drivers enable us to quickly and efficiently deliver our pallets anywhere in Northern and Central California, on time, every-time.

Export / Heat-Treating Services

United Pallet Services is audited and certified by third party instpectors to meet the strict IPPC ISPM-15 international shipping regulations that require wood pallets and lumber to be heat treated when being shipped overseas. We handle this process quickly and professionally, and we do it all on-site. We operate four state-of-the-art kilns which provides quick turn-around on all heat treating jobs. We can heat treat your existing pallets in addition to pallets that we manufacture. Our computerized record keeping and documentation means you’ll always know where you stand and can confidently ship your products anywhere in the world. Find out about the ISPM-15 regulations more here.

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